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If you’re here, that means you’re wanting to know more about The Heart Link Network for Woodbridge, VA Chapter led by Stefanie Weakley.  You are in the right place!  

Of course I would love to be able any questions you might have live and in living color, but busy businesswoman to businesswoman, this is a quick run down to answer the most common inquiries I get.  If you have a question and can’t find the answer here, please reach out to me!

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When and where do the meetings take place?

The Heart Link Network meetings led by Stefanie Weakley take place the fourth Tuesday of every month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. They are currently held at a local restaurant in Woodbridge. Join our Facebook page for current info! 

What is the HLN Format?

The Heart Link Network meeting begins with a light meal and socializing. This is where bonding begins! After the meal, each woman receives three (3) minutes to showcase her business with everyone’s undivided attention while in a very comfortable setting.

Should I attend alone or with a friend?

You are welcome to invite a friend because you will want to share this great experience with other women you know. But she does need to register in advance to be sure her business/industry is not already represented at the meeting.

Is there an upfront membership fee to attend the HLN events?

No, there is no upfront membership fee! You may attend month-by-month for as long as you like, space permitting. But there are tremendous benefits to actually becoming a Heart Link Network Member.

Great Member Benefits Include: 
A $60 savings on your 12 month registration
One full page online ad on The Heart Link Directory ($480 value)
One “Featured Business” ad on THIS Chapter page ($300 value) 
Access to Business Success Training calls & other benefits from respected experts ($264 value)
$1,344 TOTAL VALUE for only ($180)

Will I be the only woman in my industry?

The Heart Link Network focuses on collaboration, cooperation and genuine connection. Women are more likely to “shop” when there are choices, not competition. There will only ever be one person from any one company represented at the meetings, but there might be more than one person from the same industry. However, there is a limit of only two people per like product or service. This helps to ensure a variety of industries will be represented at the meeting, and it keeps the focus of the meeting on building relationships and away from competition.

How much does it cost to attend a meeting?

The cost is $20, which is a very small investment for such a valuable advertising opportunity. Mail coupons that everyone throws away cost hundreds of dollars. Chamber memberships are very expensive. Newspaper and magazine advertising can cost thousands of dollars. Television can cost millions of dollars. At The Heart Link Network, you will advertise your business to your target market, create meaningful relationships, enjoy a wonderful light meal, and have a fabulous time.

$20 regular monthly pay-in-advance
$25 same-day (with leader’s approval and space permitting)
$15 for Heart Link Annual Members 
$15 Sister Chapter Leaders
$10 Honorees of the Month

May I bring something to the event to showcase my business?

Yes! You are welcome to bring business materials, products to pass around, and samples to give away.

Is being a Chapter Leader a paid position?

No, but they do receive tremendous benefits by leading! Each Heart Link Network Chapter Leader is a giver by nature. It takes a special personality to love and support women in this wonderful way. Although our leaders collect the attendance fees, those funds go to pay for the expenses involved in running their chapter including chapter dues, food, and supplies. However, we give our leaders many exciting and wonderful advertising, training and marketing benefits.

What is the appropriate attire for the event and what type of food do you serve?

Many women come to the event from work, so attire varies from business casual to comfortable. The food that is currently served at the Woodbridge meetings includes sandwiches, salads, chips, cookies and beverages.

What are “Monthly HONOREES”?

The Heart Link Network is the only networking organization that honors women professionals who are not usually invited to professional networking events. Each month, The Heart Link Women’s Network chooses women of various professions and groups to appreciate from the community. For example: Teachers, Nur