{A peek at my desk}

A few months ago, I started a re-do of the studio, and let me tell you it has transformed the business! For the past four years I had kind of been operating on make-do, less than awesome furniture that was killing my back, making me crazy and basically falling apart. So this past January we hauled the family to IKEA and started the project of getting things in shape. I’ll be sharing more about my studio soon, but today I thought you might want to a little peek at my desk. Ready?

Now that everything in the studio/office space is a beautiful clean white, I have become, shall we say, a bit obsessive about everything on my desk being clean, pretty and neat.

 It started pretty innocently, with a cute little tray and some gold office supplies, but then the spray paint found me- and so did the Target clearance aisle…

But here’s a little secret. I’m actually more productive now! The time I spent putting together a cozy, peaceful work space has been so worth it! Since my Studio is actually the entrance and dining room of our house, it is soooo easy to be distracted. So having a defined space that actually matches and looks as though it is a cohesive room has been crazy good for my psyche!


I’m so excited everyday to get to work in this space. I’m more organized, comfortable and I just plain get more done! If you work from home, do yourself a favor and invest the time and little bit of money it takes to put together a real office. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, trust me I was on a super tight budget and re-used everything I possibly could. {I’ll be sharing a cost breakdown later} And don’t be like me and get yourself wrapped around the idea that you haven’t “earned it” yet.

Seriously. I get it, when you’re a start-up its hard to spend money on anything that is not absolutely essential- like heat and oxygen. But when I finally shared this bit of information with my husband, he looked at me like I had lost my mind. I mean really, would you go to work at a company somewhere and be expected to sit on the floor until you’ve earned your desk?  Probably not.

        SONY DSC         

And just in case you want to see a little before and after, here it goes.





 Want to shop the look? 

Desk, and Plant: IKEA.  Gold Lamp, Stapler, Tape Dispenser, Vase and Tray: Target. Datebook: Sugar Paper, Chair: TJMAXX  And a pretty healthy mix of thrift sore finds to round out the look!