{Teaching Kids to Sew- Part 1}


One of the questions I get frequently when I talk about sewing lessons, is how to teach children to sew. Though my kids don’t remember a time when I wasn’t strapped to a sewing machine all day long, I’ve really only been sewing for around five years – sort of.

The reality is that long before I re-discovered sewing my great-grandmother and great- grandfather placed my first needle and thread in my hands at just five years old. I have fond memories of sitting by the gas furnace in my Granny’s tiny living room and hand sewing on scraps of un-bleached domestic while their sewing machines hummed in the kitchen.

For years, hand sewing was the extent of my skills until I taught myself to sew on a machine. But there is still something extremely cathartic about pulling a needle and thread through a piece of fabric by hand. So when my kids began asking me to teach them I was thrilled! My six-year-old has been sewing by hand for a while, but I was eager to find a way to introduce this skill to my four-year-old.

I ran across these awesome printables and instantly tucked them away into my Pinterest files. They are so cute, and my kids absolutely loved them! I used the cowboy prints for my four year old as they were a little simpler.



Click here to print your own 

If you’re not sure your little one is ready for a real needle, you can always begin with a plastic crochet needle.

I used a small pin to pre-poke the holes so that his needle would glide through easier. And I opted for embroidery floss instead of thread because it doesn’t tangle as easily.


He picked it up fast! I even caught him sewing off and on through the day!



Since my six-year-old has been sewing for a while, I opted for printables that were a little more advanced. I love how these let them practice their stitch length.


Click here to print your own.

I used the same technique of pre-poking the holes to make it a little easier.




She loves seeing her progress, and it’s a great quiet time activity, not to mention the hand-eye coordination it’s teaching!

Now that they have mastered the basics of hand sewing, they insisted I buy them their own sewing machine- and I just couldn’t resist.

Next week I’ll share more about teaching kids on a sewing machine and share a few beginner projects for you to try at home!


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